There is no doubt we live in a violent world. In the United States, unfortunately, they have seen killings of students by other students, the assassination of our president and other leaders, abuse and violence to children by adults, and plenty of adult-on-adult violence in the real world--and on television. Research now shows that exposure of children to video violence, whether actual or contrived, makes them more prone to aggression and violence, creating a vicious circle of behavior. 

  Violence on the screen--whether television programs, the Internet or video games--first mesmerizes children and lowers their defenses, then presents violence as an acceptable way of dealing with problems, according to John Murray, research psychologist at Kansas State University. "Viewing video violence has three main effects," he says. "These are aggression, desensitization and fear. In addition, it conveys the impression the world is a mean and dangerous place and that one must act defensively."

Now lets see the campaign for internet parental control.