This week, Lacoste unveiled the swipe-able polo shirt of the future, kids bemoaned Hurricane Sandy's effects on seaside amusement parks, and ESPN celebrated one of the world's great sports rivalriesin supremely colorful language.

Many of the hundreds of TV commercials that air each day are just blips on the radar, having little impact on the psyche of the American consumer, who is constantly bombarded by advertising messages.

These aren't those commercials.Now,we have brought  the most innovative and well-executed spots of the weekcommercials that will make you laugh, smile, cry, think and maybe buy.

1.Google 'Zeitgeist 2012'

2.ESPN 'Born Into It'

3.State Farm 'State of Hope'

4.Lacoste 'The Polo of the Future'

5.JCPenney 'The Negotiation'

6.Best Buy 'Gifts That Do'

7.Cisco 'Tomorrow Starts Here'

8.Axe 'Morning After Pillow'

9.Pennsylvania Lottery 'Snowfall'

10.TiVo 'Slo-Mo'

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