benetton3.jpgWe're still catching up on the many hundreds of winners from this year's Cannes Lions festival. Today, we look at the top print adsthe Grand Prix and gold winners from the Press Lions contest.

It's a varied bunch, offering everything from sly and subtle jokes (Volkswagen) to broad comedy (McDonald's) to poignant messages of loss (Amnesty International) and esoteric exercises in typography (Mercedes-Benz). Most of the executions are intricately art directed, none more so than JWT Shanghai's work for Maxam toothpaste, showing ancient ruins carved into human teeth.

The Grand Prix winner, as you already know, was the Benetton work showing the world leaders kissing. There was a fair amount of grousing about that. If you weren't a fan of the Benetton ads, would you have chosen any of the gold winners for the top prize instead?

Πηγή: Adweek