Print ads offer some of the most creative forms of promotion in the world of advertising. The viral nature of a good print ad has the ability to reach a wide variety of individuals and create a lasting impression in the mind of the populace. With enough creativity, great print ads can create an unforgettable experience and immortalize a certain brand or message. All it takes is one image to forever reach the minds of consumers and forever be remembered in the advertising world. Here are the best print ads (so far) from 2011-2012, works that captured the interest of millions and placed these brands at the top of their markets. To learn about techniques used to create great print ads, check out the Printwand Blog where you'll find some solid info on copywriting, design, print methods, and other useful print marketing resources.


The best print ads are a combination of artistic ingenuity and the ability to effectively communicate a message. Some of the most creative and memorable pieces involve the beauty of art coupled with the ability to advertise in a unique fashion. 2012 offers a whole new year to see what the creative minds of advertising come up with and the pieces that will forever resonate in our minds. Thanks again to the knowledgeable print experts at for helping to create this fine list. Which advertisements do you like/dislike the most?