Pancreatic Cancer Ads Blasted for Saying Disease Is Worse Than Other Cancers


 Pancreatic Cancer Action has issued a thoughtful, heartfelt defense of its controversial U.K. awareness campaign that shows sufferers saying they wish they had other types of cancer with higher survival rates.

One print ad in the series uses a quote from 24-year-old pancreatic cancer patient Kerry Harvey—"I wish I had breast cancer"—as its headline and notes that the survival rate is only 3 percent, the lowest among all 22 common cancers.


Ikea Lights Up a Forest in Gorgeous Ad Celebrating Move to Energy-Efficient Bulb


 Ikea planted lots of LED lamps in the woods for this 60-second commercial for the U.K. and Ireland touting the home-furnishing company's commitment to sustainability.

Created by Mother London and director Martin Krejci, the ad's surreal aura is enhanced by Menomena's pop-etheral "Wet and Rusting" on the soundtrack. Check out Mr. Squirrel's reaction as the lights blaze. Yeah, he's screwed—every predator can spot him now.


Ad of the Day: Coca-Cola Brings U.S.-Russia Olympic Rivalry to Space


Have you heard the one about the astronaut and the cosmonaut watching hockey together in the International Space Station during the Olympics?

The American team scores against the Russian team, and the cosmonaut spills his Coca-Cola in zero gravity. But then he and the astronaut work together to slurp up all the free-floating droplets before they can reach havoc on the vessel's electronics—because, cue fantasy, Coke brings everyone together. (The cosmonaut, amusingly enough, is the same actor from DirecTV's "Opulence, I has it" ad—seems the Russian oligarch bought his way to space.)


Gun Oil Suprised Us With This Amazing Valentine's Day Ad



  There's a lot going on in this 60-second Valentine's Day commercial, but it would probably spoil things to reveal either the product or the plot. Suffice it to say there are several surprises here, though it all adds up to quite a heartwarming commercial.

"We felt this view of life was a story that was not being told with the authenticity and compassion it deserved," the company's CEO said in a statement. The spot will air on Bravo and E! in seven major U.S. markets.


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